Financial Services

We’re a team that:

– We consider any operation, no matter how complicated, difficult or impossible it may seem a priori, because the success of each proposal depends on the approach, the analysis and the final solution presented. We are professionals. We are committed to provide a quick solution (always, from the moment we have the requested information)

–    We sign operations with guarantee of properties in rural areas (under a series of premises and conditions)

–    We cancel private capital (under a series of premises and conditions)

–    We help to recover properties that are going to be and even are already being auctioned (provided that the guarantees, margins and conditions allow it). Consult us!

–    We formalize loans on joint ventures (operations subject to prior study, depending on the location and quality of the guarantee cover and the percentage of participation of the borrower in the total naked property)

– We carry out mortgage operations on rustic properties (recreational properties or cattle or agricultural exploitations such as olive groves). In this section we can enter high amounts. In the case of small plots of land with a low valuation, we understand this guarantee as a complement to other assets provided when the valuation of these does not cover the amount requested by the client. Necessary condition: Appraisal carried out by us. We do not accept appraisals provided by applicant clients.

– We analyze operations with urban land guarantees (only small amounts not large operations), not exceeding 10%/15% of appraisal value (an example would be a small plot in a housing development for self-promotion of a single-family home. In other words, operations that have a feasible exit at a later date. Necessary condition: Appraisal carried out by us. We do not accept appraisals provided by applicant clients.

– We study operations with Service Station guarantees. Preferably, we will study operations on Urban Service Stations (also semi-urban, but in this case necessarily with departures to important avenues) and not flagged (or with expiration of that flag not exceeding 1 year)

– We analyze operations in the second mortgage range (under a series of premises and conditions)

In these operations we prefer to carry out the valuation ourselves and to do it with our trusted valuers given the complexity of the operations. In case of refusal by the client or when there is already a previous valuation, we reserve the final decision on the amount to be granted and the conditions of the operation.

But, of course, we don’t just do this kind of operation. We offer the best interest rate conditions, as long as the guarantee is located in the provincial capital and the appraisal value of the property exceeds 300,000.00 euros (among other conditions)

We would like to make it clear that when it is a transaction where the cover guarantee, due to its quality and location, justifies it, we are willing to apply the most advantageous market conditions in terms of interest rates, repayment terms, percentages granted on the appraisal value and commissions applied. We do not let a transaction slip through our fingers. In these cases, we also analyse the nature of the applicant (repayment capacity, debt, incidents, etc.), the destination of the operation and its possible exit from the bank (it is not the same for us to formalise an operation in a rural town of 2000 inhabitants as in the centre of Madrid, for example).

In transactions where the guarantee is registered under the name of a legal entity, when the nature of the asset provided and its location justify it, we can study the transaction under certain parameters. Ask us.

Do you have any questions? Ask us!

And of course, if you want us to follow up operations formalized by us, which are in the process of legal claim for non-payment, to help us find a solution that prevents its implementation, and study a possible refinancing, let us know.

We remind you of the general lines of our Salvation Mortgage (Monthly Payment Mortgage):

– Financing subject to mortgage guarantee (we do not formalize personal loans), always in the first place, to individual borrowers, (we do not finance legal entities, not even asset-holding companies), for an amount not exceeding 20%/25% of the appraisal value of the property or properties. Here, we differentiate and take into account the physical location of the property (place where the guarantee is located, it is not the same as a small town or a provincial capital) and the state of the property.

– Amortization period of 5 years (with the possibility of indefinite renewals) establishing for the payment the possibility of formalizing a mortgage with monthly payments only of interest and amortization of capital at maturity (American system), or monthly payments of capital and interest (French system). Nominal annual interest rate: Maximum 11.99% (Maximum rate, operations go below this percentage)

– Preferably: Non-regular homes, premises, warehouses, parking spaces or rustic properties (not urban or developable plots, except for very specific operations).

– There is no limitation on amounts.

Our commitment: Immediate management of the operation and its defence. Speed and professionalism in the development of the process that leads to the formalization of the loan.

We contact the borrower directly (within a maximum period of 24/48 hours, from the moment the correct documentation of the operation is received, which includes as an essential requirement a contact telephone number for the borrower),  by providing the customer with a detailed written offer (if our proposal is of interest to him), including the financing costs, net amounts received, commissions, etc. The customer is never charged anything in advance, except for the amount of the appraisal (usually 350 ?)

We have a base of non-professional investors to undertake operations of these characteristics, being able to respond in a short time, after the correct reception of the requested information (property deed of the property or properties provided as guarantee, ID cards of the owners and borrowers, simple registry notes, receipts of the IBI and if possible, photographs of the properties) and the contact telephone number of the applicants. We do not make Private Capital and we do make HOME CAPITAL.

It will only give commission to the final collaborator who presents the operation to us, and not to those other collaborators or intermediaries who participate in the same one, being for account or responsibility of this final collaborator the remuneration or distribution of commissions between other intermediaries who take part in the process.

Our only requirement is total transparency and honesty in the whole process of the operation, and of course a joint defence of the economic conditions of the offer and of the operation that guarantees the good end of it. All our commissions are included in the mortgage minutes and are informed in writing to the borrower before the signing of the operation. No amount is received in advance (except for the amount of the appraisal), and no other amount is allowed to be collected from either the borrower or the investor, in which case we would proceed to the immediate termination of the commercial contract of collaboration with the collaborator.  If there are already simple notes and updated appraisals, it is not necessary to ask for others. Please, all the mails with operations have to be sent with these data:

– Updated simple note of the properties provided as guarantee

– ID card of the applicants or owners of the guarantees.

– Whenever possible, photographs of the properties.

– Brief explanation of the operation.

– Any other documentation that may be of interest (copies of appraisals, proof of economic cancellations of charges, etc.)

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us…